opening hours : 16:30 PM to 22:00 PM
Location : London, UK
opening hours : 16:30 PM to 22:00 PM
Location : London, UK

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Bankola Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Discover the essence of African culinary excellence at Bankola Lounge, Bar and Restaurant, where we bring you an exclusive dining experience, nestled in the heart of London, UK. Born out of a passion for sharing the vibrant flavors of Africa with the global community, we specialize in a fusion of authentic African cuisines and continental dishes, offering a unique taste of home to Africans in the diaspora.

Our London-based establishment is a cultural haven where the rich tapestry of African flavors comes to life. Each dish on our carefully curated menu reflects the diverse culinary heritage of the continent. At Bankola, we bring the warmth and hospitality of African kitchens to the bustling streets of London, creating a space where every meal is a nostalgic journey and every guest is welcomed into the embrace of our culinary family.

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